pencil, ink, custom commercial drawings

I design printed materials for many different organizations. The placement of type and interesting images, the choosing of color and stock is a beautiful thing, especially when I hold the end result in my hands. Wow.

I love to draw. I start with a pencil drawing, trace over it using pen and ink, then scan it in and add color on the computer. Some of my drawings illustrate a serious subject which I try to present in a clear and light way for use in training materials. I draw other subjects as well, including animated food, a woman riding a unicycle trying to balance her daily activities, a man about to answer a devil phone, a big mean boss pushing workers about, someone sowing and growing money, a business man building a bridge in mid air, a gentleman getting into the ring for a showdown and some fellows wading in the water alive with dollar fish. Am I having too much fun?        - Lynne Foy


See also Fine Art Paintings by Lynne Foy:


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